2017.12.26 21:37

 “Namaste! India” was held yesterday (December 21) at the National Folk Museum of Korea. The event marked the launching of “Indian culture discovery box” in which Indian cultural and religious materials were diligently compiled for almost a year by a team from the National Folk Museum. “Culture discovery box” is part of an educational program conducted by the Children’s Museum, National Folk Museum of Korea, with the aim to guide Korean children to gain a better understanding of another culture, including its historical, social and geographical aspects. The Indian culture discovery box is the latest addition to a collection which already has culture discovery boxes from Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and China. 

 The Indian culture discovery box is divided into two boxes, one themed on daily life of a little girl in India, and another introducing different religions in India. The team from the National Folk Museum of Korea, consisting of scholars, researchers, writers and videographers invested a lot of time and effort for the project, going all the way to India to collect materials and information. 

 Ramkumar Chakravarthy, Director of the India Culture Center, congratulated the team behind the Indian culture discovery box for their tremendous effort in bringing together India’s diverse culture and history all into a box. Along with the existing culture boxes, the Indian culture discovery box, with its vast information is expected to be an interesting learning experience about India, not only for the children but their parents as well. As the Director of the India Culture Center commented, there is more to India than yoga, tandoori and naan!  


Khup Ngaihte

SGC Correspondent (English)

2017.12.26 21:16


 The Second-half general meeting for Seoul Foreign Residents Representatives was held last Thursday, December 14 at Seoul Citizens Hall. Policies set up by the Foreign Resident Representatives to improve the daily life of foreigners in Seoul were presented at the meeting. Along with Korean and foreigner participants, the meeting was attended by 38 members of the Foreign Residents Representative Council, the head of Women and Family Policy Affairs Office, Seoul Honorary Citizen and Jasmine Lee who is a former member of the National Assembly of Korea.

 Established in 2015, the main objective of the Foreign Residents Representative Council is to ensure that suggestions related to foreign residents on areas such as law, immigration, information, education are incorporated in the administration. The Council is operated under the Seoul Women and Family Policy Affairs Office where natives from Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan etc. work as representatives of their country. The Seoul Foreign Residents Representative Council is divided into three departments, namely Human Rights and Cultural Diversity Department, Empowerment Department and Living Condition Improvement Department. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of each Department proposed the following six policies.


Policy Name


Increasing the number of languages for qualification exams

Expansion in languages for National Technical Qualification Exam for confectionery craftsman, baker, barber etc

A safe Korea for our children

-       Preventing traffic accidents by adjusting the size and design of traffic signs for children protection zone and speed limit

-       Organizing traffic campaign

Improving the registration system used in Multicultural Family Center

Difficulties with registering at the Center e.g. filling in documents, membership registration

Forming a multicultural family mentoring group

-       Problems faced by marriage migrant women with adapting to Korean society

-       Importance of operating professional counseling

-       Establishing a program to improve education of children from multicultural families

-       Operating afterschool programs for children from multicultural families

Simplifying the process of offering daily living information to foreign residents

Ministry of Justice, Seoul city, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Multicultural Family Support Portal (Danuri), Seoul Global Center and others providing online daily living information

Expansion in Family Visitor visa recipient

Visa extension plan for elderly parents


As seen above, the members deliberated on everyday topics such as employment, traffic safety, mentoring for multicultural couples and their children, daily living information and visa issuance. Each department brought out a development plan after comparing Korea’s foreigner policy with examples from other countries. The vice president of Living Condition Improvement Department who is a native of Pakistan specially emphasized the activities of Seoul Global Center which is offering professional counseling, daily living information, cultural programs etc. for foreign residents.

 Oh Mie, a Russian native who is the president of Human Rights and Cultural Diversity Department stated, “When I first started working in the Foreign Residents Representative Council, I did not know how helpful it could be for foreigners. After working for two years, I could see changes in policies and lives of foreigners living in Korea. As a result, I worked harder and started to realize the true meaning of becoming a member of the Korean society”.

 The performance of the Council in 2017 will be analyzed through this general meeting and the six policies highlighted above will be reviewed by the Women and Family Policy Affairs Office. It was a significant occasion where foreigners representing their respective countries gather to make Seoul a more convenient and safe city for foreigners. The Seoul Foreign Residents Representative Council is expected to remain active next year and to expand into a more meaningful body.       





Khup Ngaihte

SGC Correspondent (English)

2017.12.18 17:56

 A public discussion on issues regarding Korea’s low birthrate was organized last Saturday (December 09) at City Hall. The forum was attended by a large number of citizens including Mr. Park Won Soon, the Mayor of Seoul.

 The discussion was divided into two sessions, and the first session saw a brief discussion led by five panelists on stage. The panelists were ordinary citizens representing the daily issues faced by the public in Seoul. The session touched topics on living, employment, child birth, child support, and work-family balance.



In the second session, participants were asked to write their suggestions on post-it notes distributed at the entrance. These notes were later put up on the boards prepared at the venue and collectively reviewed along with the Mayor. Among the 20 agendas presented on the day, “support for housing loan interest for newlyweds” attracted the most attention from the participants. Family benefits seems to be the need of the hour when it comes to citizens planning to start a family and having children. The forum concluded with the Government Officials assuring policies to improve provisions and benefits especially for newlyweds.



Korea has long struggled with a low birthrate and rapidly aging population, the birthrate being the lowest among 35 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member countries. Many are worried that low births will drag down the workforce in Asia’s fourth-largest economy and drive up welfare costs, crippling the growth potential of the economy as a whole.  



To tackle this, the Korean government had announced a series of plans including child subsidies and expanded maternity leave to encourage people to have more babies, but most of them seem to have fallen short of expectations as was evident from the responses during the forum. Although the Korean government has poured in some 100 trillion won ($88.4 billion) over the past 10 years to solve the birthrate issue, the country’s spending on family benefits still remained the lowest among the members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. With the ever increasing living cost and housing expenses, citizens want the government to get more actively involved in issues relating to having children and raising them.



Khup Ngaihte

SGC Correspondent (English)

2017.12.18 17:27


I. Report for the 2nd Half of 2017 of Daily Living Consultation Team, Seoul Global Center

 Korean Language Classes

The Daily Living Consultation Team of Seoul Global Center runs free Korean Language Classes to help foreigners settle in Seoul. Catering to the different demands of the foreigners, Korean classes are conducted on weekdays, weekends and even at night. Divided into different classes according to the result of a placement test, more than 1,700 foreigners attended Korean Classes during the 1st 3rd term conducted in 2017.




Seoul Correspondents

There are 13 Seoul Correspondents from 12 countries working at Seoul Global Center. Seoul Correspondents provide information in various languages to ensure a convenient life for foreigners in Korea. In November, the Seoul Correspondents went on a cultural tour to Sokcho, Gangwondo and were able to release all the stress accumulated while working. You can check out all the new stories from Seoul Correspondents through the Seoul Correspondents’ blog or Seoul Global Center facebook page.

- Seoul Correspondents Blog http://sgcnewsroom2017.tistory.com

- Seoul Global Center facebook https://www.facebook.com/sgcnewsroom



On-site Counseling Service

Seoul Global Center runs a free On-Site Counseling Service in areas frequented by foreigners with the aim of assisting those that are not able to visit the Center on weekdays. Apart from the basic information needed for life in Seoul, counseling services are also offered on topics such as law, labor law, industrial accidents, immigration, daily living matters, insurance and national pension.

In the second half of this year, On-Site Counseling Service was conducted seven times at places including Hyehwa-dong (Foreign residents from Philippines), Gwanghui-dong (Foreign residents from Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan), Cheonggye Plaza, Namsangol Hanok Village and Gwanghwamun Square.

As On-site Counseling Service is expected to be continued in 2018 at Hyehwa-dong, Itaewon, Daerim-dong, Bomun-dong, Gwanghui-dong, foreign residents facing difficulties, unable to visit the Center on weekdays or those facing communication problems can use the On-site Counseling Service after checking the schedule provided on the website.



Global Center Volunteer Activities

In the second half of 2017, the Volunteer Team of Seoul Global Center conducted various volunteer works such as support for festival activities, Mapo Youth Training Center Charity event, occupation rehabilitation assistance for disabled persons at Gangnam-gu Vocational Training Center, The Global Journey class at Community Child Center and the Hanyang University link programme. Also, Seoul Global Center runs an elementary and refresher course on voluntary work reflecting on the true meaning of volunteering. The Seoul Global Center Volunteer activity is expected to continue in 2018. We request your participation.



Foreign Residents Community Activity Support

Seoul Global Center provides office space and materials, produce promotional activities and rents space to support foreign communities in Korea. In the second half of this year, a total of 17 activities of different communities were supported including Cambodia Students Association, Nepal Foreign Workers Community etc. Seoul Global Center aims to contribute in boosting the foreign community by supporting more foreign residents communities next year.



Seoul Life Orientation

In the second half of 2017, Seoul Life Orientation was conducted a total of 40 times targeting international students studying in universities in Seoul including Korea University, Sogang University, Seoul National University, Hanyang University etc. Seoul Life Orientation is a programme that delivers essential information about living in Seoul to new foreign students in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese etc. A semi-annual meeting was held on November 29 where there was a discussion with international student advisors from different universities about various problems and diverse suggestions were made for further improvements.



Global Concert

Global Concert is an event where Koreans and foreigners communicate and share their cultures through performances by international groups. It was conducted seven times from May to October, 2017. 28 teams from 19 countries participated in the Global Concert showing exciting performances including African Nanta, Russian Traditional Dance and Latin Music.



Foreigners’ Flea Market

Foreigners’ Flea Market for the second half of the year was held at Namsangol Hanok Village and Gwanghwamun Square. The Foreigners’ Flea Market scheduled to be held in June at Gwanghwamun Square was postponed because of the monsoon rain and later organized in early July in a low-key affair at Namsangol Hanok Village. In September, Seoul Global Center’s Festival Event was organized together with the Foreigners’ Flea Market at Namsangol Hanok Village resulting in an even more extravagant experience. The last Foreigners’ Flea Market for 2017 was held at Gwanghwamun Square in October, organized together with the Russian Community’s event "One Million Roses". There were lots of attractive items to be seen and participants had a wonderful time.



Chuseok Festival with Foreigners

Welcoming Chuseok festival, the Daily Living Consultation Team of Seoul Global Center organized the event “Han-Gawi Hanmadang” to introduce Korean festival culture to foreign residents in Seoul and provide an opportunity for them to experience it. Participants could enjoy Korean traditional performances and traditional games such as Samulnori, preparing a ritual table and making rice cake. This year, an experience-booth called ”Global Village Festival“ was specially prepared where participants experienced traditional culture from China, Vietnam, Thailand etc. With more than 8,000 Korean and foreigner participants, the event turned out to be a meeting point for the East and the West.




II. Korean Language Class Registration for 1st Term 2018


 Seoul Global Center provides Korean language classes at different levels to help foreign residents in Seoul settle down. There are Regular Class, TOPIK Preparation Class and Daily Conversation Class. Many foreigners such as marriage immigrants, workers, international students, overseas Koreans are learning Korean at our Center. If you want to learn Korean for free, please check the details of class registration schedule on our website.

Duration of the Semester

- Regular Course : Feb 3 (Sat) ~ May 3 (Thu) / 12 weeks

- TOPIK Preparation Course : Feb 3 (Sat) ~ April 5 (Thu) / 8 weeks

Registration Schedule






Jan 27 (Sat) 14:00~16:00

9F, Seoul Global Center


Jan 28 (Sun) 10:00~12:00

TOPIK Preparation

Jan 28 (Sun) 15:00~16:30

How to apply (first come, first served)

- Visit and get a queue number (1F) Take the placement test (9F) Fill out and submit the application form (9F)

- Level test exemption : Those who have completed the previous semester and those who are learning Korean for the first time.


- Regular : Sogang Korean 1A - 1B - 2A - 2B - 3A - 3B

- TOPIK Preparation : Beginner (Level 1~2), Intermediate (Level 3~4), Advanced (Level 5~6)


- Regular class : Foreign residents

- TOPIK preparation class : Applicants for the 57th TOPIK (2018.04.15.)

* C-3 (short term/tourist visa) holders or minors are NOT eligible to apply.

Course fee : Free

* NOTE: You need to pay 30,000 won (only in cash) on the first day as a deposit. This deposit will be returned to you after the course is over if your attendance rate is over 80%.

Required Documents

- Application form, Consent Form for Collection and Use of Personal Information. (You can fill out these documents when you visit the Center)

- A copy of your ID (Alien Registration Card, Passport or National Identification Card)

- A copy of valid TOPIK transcript obtained within the last 2 years. (Only for those who have it)


- Phone : Daily Living Consultation Team, Seoul Global Center (02-2075-4180)

- Office hours : Monday~Friday, 09:00-18:00 (Lunch time: 12:00-13:00)

- E-mail : sgcwekc@gmail.com

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

* Please check the timetable which will be updated on the website soon.




III. Go on a Fishing Trip at the Winter Festival

 This December, a number of festivals are organised in various parts of the country where you can enjoy winter games such as ice-fishing and sledding. As the year draws to a close, plan for a fun-filled time with your family, friends or lovers. ^^





Pyeongchang Trout Festival

Irwon, Odaecheon, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gawngwon-do (In front of Jinbu Intercity Bus Terminal)



Paju Trout Festival

194-42, Buheung-ro, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do (Gwangtan-myeon)



Anseong Icefish Festival

Dumaehosu-ro, Juksan-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do



Ganghwa Island Trout & Icefish Festival

8-2, Jungang-ro 787 beon-gil, Yangdo-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon-si



Yangju Trout Festival

Yeongok-ri, Baekseok-eup, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do (Yeongok Reservoir)



Yangpyeong Icefish Festival

22-3, Deoksu-ri, Danwol-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do



Please check the website to get details regarding tickets and schedules.



IV. Seoul Expat Guide - Do you know what to do during an earthquake?

 Every month, Seoul Global Center, the Comprehensive Support Center for Foreign Residents in Seoul, strives to bring useful information for daily living to foreign residents through the newsletter.

This month we provide “Earthquake Evacuation Plan”. Were you startled by the earthquake that happened last month? As earthquakes are impossible to predict, it is important to familiarize oneself with an evacuation plan in order to minimize damages.

Make sure you prepare a proper evacuation plan and memorize the location of shelters in your neighbourhood shelter.


What to do in each situation

When an earthquake shakes the building?

When the shaking stops?

During an earthquake, go under a table to protect yourself and hold on tight to a table leg.

When the shaking stops, cut off all electricity and gas, open an exit door.

When escaping from a building?

When you are outside the building?

Move quickly using the stairs while escaping from the building. (DO NOT use the elevator)

*In case you are inside an elevator, press all the buttons for each floor and get out as soon as you can.

Protect your head with your hand or a bag. Look around carefully and evacuate while keeping a safe distance from buildings.

When looking for a shelter?

After reaching a shelter?

Looking out for falling debris, swiftly move to an open space such as a playground or a park. (DO NOT use your car)

Act according to the instructions announced on the radio or by public institutions.


What to do at each place

If you are at home

If you are outside your home

If you are inside an elevator

Protect yourself by going under the table. When the shaking stops, cut off the electricity and gas, open an exit door and move outside.

Looking out for falling debris, protect your head with your hand or a bag. Maintaining a safe distance from buildings, evacuate to an open space such as a playground or a park.

Press all the button for each floor and get out as soon as you can.

If you are at school

If you are at the mart or the department store

If you are at the theater or the stadium

Go under the desk and grasp tightly the table leg. When the shaking stops, evacuate to the playground while maintaining order.

Protect yourself from things falling off the display cabinet and move near the staircase or pillars. Evacuate to the outside when the shaking stops.

Stay calm and protect yourself with one of your belongings such as a bag until the shaking stops. Then calmly evacuate by following the instructions.

If you are in the subway

If you are driving

If you are in a mountain or at sea

Hold on to the strap or the pole so that you do not fall. When the subway stops, follow the instruction.

Turning on the emergency light, gradually decrease your speed and stop your car on the right side of the road. Listening carefully to the radio, evacuate leaving your car keys behind.

Beware of landslides or cliff collapse and move to a safe place. In case of a tsunami alert around coastal areas, move to a higher ground.


Find your neighborhood earthquake shelter at



Source : National Disaster and Safety Portal


2017.12.11 17:54

The Expat Fair 2017


 The 2017 Expat Fair was held last weekend (December 09-10) at Hall C, COEX. Visitors were provided with an opportunity for business prospects, information and benefits on services including education, living, employment, lifestyle management and tourism between 10 am and 6 pm. Apart from the networking aspect, the Fair also had an Expat Stage providing K-pop dance lessons, an International Village with traditional foods and beverages from 10 countries, and a Beer Festival for those in the mood for drinks paired with delicious food and snacks.



 Korea with more than 2 million expats has seen an incredible rise in the number of foreigners in the past couple of years. Accordingly, their needs and interests have diversified and this was reflected in the various booths present at the Fair. There was something for everyone; a booth for those who look forward to learning the Korean language, a booth for medical consultations, a booth for real estate enquiry etc., apart from booths set up by embassies of various countries.



 The Daily Living Consultation Team of Seoul Global Center also opened a booth at the Fair providing brochures and useful information for expats visiting the Fair. The booth held a “photo event” where visitors could get their pictures taken and printed out instantly.    



 Dubbed to be the biggest fair for Expats in Korea, the Fair attracted a large number of visitors, both expats and Koreans. Already held in other cities such as Amsterdam, Singapore and Bangkok, the Expat Fair is expected to expand in the coming years and provide a valuable platform for expats living in Korea. For those who missed the  Fair this year, make sure you check out similar attractions next year.









There were a number of fun activities at the fair- like posing with figures of celebrities





Khup Ngaihte

SGC Correspondent (English)


Vanessa Tanadi

SGC Correspondent (Indonesian)


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Use “M 건강보험” Mobile App to Get a Copy of Insurance Certificate!

  •          Search for <M 건강보험> on Google Play, install and receive a copy of Record of Insurance Certificate or of Payment Records. (Android phones; available now, iphones; available from December, 2017).

  •           Types of Certificate Available; Certificate of Insurance, Records of Insurance Coverage, Payment Records, Full Payment Certificate, Low-income Certificate.

  •           How to use (time required : 1 minute)



Eg) click 자격득실확인서 enter ARC number enter password of Public Key Certificate go to 자격득실확인서 and click 팩스신청 at the bottom enter fax number 팩스보내기 (end)



         It takes 3 – 5 minutes when you use the customer service instead.


☞      Without calling the customer center or visiting the office, you can submit a copy of  certificate by fax.


       Apart from this, you can use 40 different services with “M 건강보험” such as health examination result, medical treatment records, and scheduled transfer.  

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2017.11.20 22:12

Cultural Tour to Sokcho


 Daily Living Consultation Team of Seoul Global Center and Seoul Correspondents went on a one-day “cultural tour” to Sokcho on Saturday, November 11. Departing from Seoul early in the morning; the first stop was at Naksansa Temple. We had a refreshing time walking around the temple and enjoyed the beautiful trail along the cliff by the sea.


After eating more than ten varieties of grilled fish for lunch, the next stop was at Abai village. We had a hands-on experience pulling rope to move a “Gaetbae” boat forward that took us to the village. After a quick tour around the village and a brief stop at the beach, we went to a café which had a beautiful view of the sea.

The last itinerary for the day was a relaxing foot-bath experience followed by dinner and then we were on our way back to Seoul.

 It was an eventful and meaningful day, experiencing Korean culture and a much needed “healing” break for the SGC team. Moreover, it was a valuable opportunity for the SGC team to socialize with fellow co-workers and build a strong, positive working relationship.    



Khup Ngaihte

SGC Correspondent (English)

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Sarang Festival at Seoul Grand Park


The third “Sarang – the festival of India in Korea” runs from October 20 till November 18, 2017. The month long festival takes place in Seoul, Busan, Gimhae, Seosan and Miryang featuring cultural performances, food and film festival. The line-up for cultural performances this year includes classical Indian musicians, Rattle And Hum Music Society from Nagaland in Northeastern India and Purulia Chhau dance amongst others.

 Rattle And Hum Music Society and Purulia Chhau performed at Seoul Grand Park on Saturday, October 21. The two performances demonstrated the diversity of India as Rattle And Hum Music Society presented traditional dance and folk songs from Northeastern India while Purulia Chhau displayed a dance performance depicting central India’s rich culture and history.


 In an outdoor event, the performers with their fancy dress, mysterious dance routines and exotic music drew attention from the seated spectators and casual onlookers as well. Rattle And Hum Music Society’s performance was a treat for the ears as they belted out a fusion of folk songs along with modern music while Purulia Chhau danced to drum beats, which was a lot like the ones in traditional Korean dance. They wore animal costumes which matched the venue well as there is a zoo right next to it.





Khup Ngaihte

SGC Correspondent

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Seoul Kimchi Festival



 The 4th Seoul Kimchi Festival was held at Seoul Plaza on Saturday, November 3. There were participants from all over the world enjoying various performances and getting hands-on experience of “kimchi- making” along with friends and family. Apart from making kimchi, there were also other activities such as exhibitions showing the culture behind kimchi-making, Food zone, Kids’ zone and Story zone.




 According to the host at the Kimchi Festival, the kimchi made by volunteers during the Festival would be distributed to citizens who had applied for it beforehand. It was a meaningful event especially for the foreigners who came and experienced the culture of “kimchi-making”, which is one of UNESCO-recognized “Intangible Cultural Heritages”.  




Article by Li Xin (Seoul Correspondent)

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2017.11.09 22:58


1. Seoul Global Center Starts Daily Living Consultation in Arabic and Indonesian Languages


 Seoul Global Center has added two new languages to its Daily Living Consultation Service since October 10, 2017. We will have Arabic and Indonesian counselors twice a week. Please check the day and timings and feel free to use the service if you face any kind of difficulties while living in Seoul.


Languages Available (12 languages in total)

- New Languages (2 languages) : Indonesian, Arabic

- Existing Languages (10 languages) : English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Filipino, Russian, Uzbek, Thai, Korean.


Area of Expertise : Daily Living Consultation including Administration, Education, Medical Treatment, Transportation, Consumer, Finance, Health and Welfare, Labor and Immigration.


Telephone Numbers and Operating Hours for Each Language


Day and time of the week

Telephone no.


Tue, Fri 9:30~17:30 (Lunch time 12:00~13:00)



Thu, Fri 9:30~17:30 (Lunch time 12:00~13:00)



Mon-Fri 9:00~18:00 (Lunch time 12:00~13:00)
























2. Global Center Volunteer Program for Koreans and Foreigners

 Seoul Global Center runs various kinds of volunteer programs where both Koreans and foreigners can participate together. We hope that you can share a meaningful and warm-hearted time with your neighbors as a member of a community.



- Any Korean or foreigner who is an adult.

- Anyone interested in community service and international exchange.

- A person who is able to participate in the activity responsibly.



Cultural experience activities with kids under the theme of "world cultural trip"


Support for events related with foreign residents



Support for programs by Seoul Global Center (Korean class, flea market, promotion)


Support for events introducing Korean traditional holidays such as Seollal and Chuseok to foreign residents


Application process : Seoul Global Center's website (global.seoul.go.kr) SGC NEWS bulletin board

monthly notice about volunteer activity *link for application and schedule of volunteer activities in November*



- Contact address: Yoon Ji Kim, Daily Living Consultation Team, Seoul Global Center(02-2075-4151)

- Working hours : Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm (Lunch time 12-1pm)




3. Daily Living Information for Foreign Residents in Seoul - Come and Enjoy Cultural Performances with "Women's Happy Tickets"



 Every month, Seoul Global Center, the Comprehensive Support Center for Foreign Residents in Seoul, strives to bring useful information for daily living to foreign residents through the newsletter.

 This month we will introduce to you "Women's Happy Tickets". The Seoul City provides cultural performances of high-quality to women in Seoul who are busy with child care, household chores or who have financial difficulties. In collaboration with different Art and Cultural Associations, the service offers performances with a 50% discount. Why don't you enjoy fun cultural activities with "Women's Happy Tickets" this month?


What is the service about? 

 It is a service that offers a 50% discount on various high-quality cultural performances to housewives or women who rarely have time to enjoy such shows owing to child care, household chores or financial difficulties.


Who is it for?

 Any women whose house, workplace, school etc is located in Seoul.

 The discount is for a maximum of 6 family members (men and women of all ages).


How can I use it?

 You can apply from the 20th till the end of every month on Seoul Women and Family website (http://woman.seoul.go.kr) or Seoul Public Service Reservation website (http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr).


Inquiry : Dasan Call Center (120 without a telephone prefix)




4. Exhibition Recommendation in November by Seoul Global Center


    Metal, Iron and Steel Cultural history of Iron


    Introduction : cultural heritage exhibition showing Chinese, Korean and Japanese iron culture

    Period : ~2017.11.26.

    Place : National Museum of Korea (137, Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)

    Fee : Adult 6,000 won, Middle/high-school/university student 5,000 won, Elementary student 4,000 won, infant 3,000 won

    Website : https://iron2017.modoo.at





      The Dream Of A King


      Introduction : Masterpieces from The Dresden State Art Collections

      Period : ~2017.11.26.

      Place : National Museum of Korea (137, Seobinggo-gu, Seoul)

      Fee : Adult 9,000 won, Middle/high-school/university student 8,000 won, Elementary student 7,000 won, infant 5,000 won

      Website : https://dresden2017.modoo.at




        Moomin Original Artworks Exhibition


        Introduction : Artworks representing stories about love, adventure and happiness of Moonmin, the national character of Finland.

        Period : ~2017.11.26.

        Place : Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul Arts Center (2406, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul)

        Fee : Adult 13,000 won, Middle/high-school student 11,000 won, Child 9,000 won

        Website : https://moominexhibition.modoo.at/




          Dog in Gangnam

          Introduction : A new cultural exhibition where you can have fun with your pets.

          Period : ~2017.11.19

          Place : Gangnam Art Museum (Jam2go) (third floor, 346, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

          Fee : 5,000 won per pet, 5,000 won per person

          Website : http://gnma.kr/?page_id=6





           Deoksugung Outdoor Project

          Introduction : Contemporary art exhibition at Deoksugung Palace

          Period : 2017.11.26

          Place : National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) Deoksugung (99, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul)

          Fee : Free for those with a Deoksugung ticket

          Website : 





          Nude: Masterpieces from Tate

          Introduction : 120 pieces of modern works (paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs) themed "Nude" in the collections of Tate Museum, UK

          Period : ~2017.12.25

          Place : Seoul Olympic Museum of Art (424, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul)

          Fee : Adult 13,000 won, Middle/high-school student 9,000 won, Child 6,000 won

          Website :


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